Interview of Ex-students

Abhishek MOMINE

Abhishek attended ADSP when he was 11 years old and remained there till the age of 16 years old. Abhishek was born as a normal child until he suffered a major accident that changed his life. He lost the functional ability of his legs and hence was always seen crawling in the house.

He attended normal school till Standard V and was later admitted to ADSP. At ADSP, Abhishek got the opportunity to participate in Sports activities and followed several trainings. His parents were always supportive and they cooperated with ADSP for the betterment of their child.

Abhishek participated in such Sports disciplines like Basketball, Tennis, and Racing. He mastered the use of Sports wheelchairs which is now helping him, not only in Sports activities, but also in his daily life and work.

He is regularly participating in activities organised by the Sports Federation of Mauritius. For three consecutive years, Abhishek has been winning the Tennis Wheelchair Championship in Mauritius. Furthermore, recently at the Wheelchair International Tennis Federation in Nairobi, he was the first Mauritian to enter the world records after having ranked 388th.

Today, Abhishek is 29 years old, living a “normal” life and is independent in most of his daily tasks. He is working as Laundry Manager, with 50 people under his responsibility.

Abhishek : “Si pa ti ena sa lekol la (ADSP), mo pa ti pou la azordi, mo ti pou enkor enfermer dan lakaz.”